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Set up your startup the way investors prefer.

To successfully raise money, your startup will need to incorporate and run the way investors expect. Gust Launch makes it easy to start the right way as a Delaware C-Corporation and then helps you keep your company investor-friendly.

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  • Incorporate in Delaware
  • Adopt bylaws
  • Send and sign NDAs & contracts
  • Work with a startup lawyer
  • Manage your cap table
  • Establish your board of directors
Gust Launch solves a real problem for serious founders. It is the only incorporation and formation service I will recommend to the companies I want to invest in.
Howard L. Morgan, Investor

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Co-Founder Equity Split

Make smart equity choices and truly own your startup.

Dividing equity with your co-founders can be tough, but we can make the conversation easier before you incorporate and then help you issue real stock on Gust Launch once you’re set up.

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